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Sydney Artist Cameron Forsyth's work is steeped in nostalgia, evoking childhood memories through his use of vibrant colours and playful imagery. His artwork has a unique nostalgic-pop feel. 

Working as a sound engineer for 20 years has given Cam an inside look into advertising in the media. His professional experience influences the sarcastic nature of his paintings and apparel.

Cam has previously dabbled in photography and music producing and has sold his art to collectors internationally


Clinton Gorst is a master of intricate collage with a retro feel, incorporating brutalist architecture, sci-fi and tech into his pieces. His art not only captivates the eye but also offers commentary on the climate crisis and the future of our planet. 

In 2019, he had his debut regional gallery showing at Casula Powerhouse, named one of the top 5 exhibitions to see nationwide by ART GUIDE AUSTRALIA. He was also part of BARE BONES at AIRspace projects, where he responded to the poems of JR Waen by focusing on people and humanity, echoing his early Pop-style works from the ‘90s.


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An emerging tallent, Emma Crocker, one half of @vulgarceramics, takes a unique and unapologetic approach to ceramics, celebrating femininity, queerness, and female sexuality. She aims to challenge societal norms and make ceramics more accessible to her community.


Kayla's distinct style incorporates colour, line, and texture to explore themes of identity and transformation. Each piece captures a timeless snapshot of their identity, preserving and honoring past versions of themselves. Their work serves as a sanctuary for exploring innermost thoughts and feelings, making it thought-provoking and deeply personal. It is worth noting that Kayla's artwork was featured on the @instagram Parade float for World Pride 2023.

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Angus's art is characterized by its deep emotional resonance, with his use of fragmented shapes to create cohesive forms and a focus on the psychology of color to evoke emotions in his audience.

As an introvert, Angus draws inspiration from music and a daydream state, where his creativity is fueled. He translates his favorite songs, lyrics, quotes, and poems into visually stunning works of art, rich in symbolism and meaning. His pieces are a harmonious blend of color and form, designed to elicit an emotional response and create a daily positive reminder for the viewer.


Originally from the Northern Territory, Cortney is a digital artist of Dagoman, Wardaman, and Gurindji descent. Currently residing on the land of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, Cortney's work is a stunning blend of contemporary style and traditional Aboriginal heritage.

Cortney's art explores colour and is inspired by her experiences growing up in the Northern Territory. Her work is a beautiful celebration of her Aboriginal heritage, showcasing the rich and diverse culture of her people. Her pieces are vibrant and dynamic, conveying a deep emotional resonance that is sure to captivate and inspire.

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Pav's creative journey began early, exploring various art forms. While working in commercial art, she longed for more creative freedom. Her intuitive work draws inspiration from everyday experiences. Using mixed media, Pavla experiments with her own creative language, creating complex yet approachable and colorful pieces that express her passion for art and design.


Marnie McKnight is a powerhouse artist, with her abstract expressionist paintings, primarily in acrylics and oils, having gained international recognition. Her award-winning art has been featured in magazines and exhibitions, and her original, vibrant pieces evoke powerful emotions through bold brushstrokes and soft blending. 

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SYYPHER's artwork is inspired by childhood memories, with a twist! By combining their love for animation with the visually stunning "neon" style of painting, SYYPHER creates unique pieces that allow people of all ages to reconnect with their inner child.

From classic cartoons and comics to music and album covers, SYYPHER's art is all about adding a neon twist to the familiar. And the best part? Seeing people light up and become animated at the sight of their favourite characters and scenes.


Based in Sydney, Australia, GWA (aka Wade Goring) is a digital artist who utilizes a mix of traditional and digital methods, including illustration, painting, photography, video, and animation. His art draws influence from queer culture, comic art, pop surrealism, cinema, advertising, and religious myths. Through his work, GWA challenges stereotypes and showcases the emotional impact of digital art.

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Murdoc, a talented artist from Sydney who has been creating art since his teenage years. Starting out as a street graffiti artist, he has explored various styles over the years. Currently, Murdoc is working on recycling old cartoon characters and art styles to create something new, yet still familiar. His art is a rebirth of nostalgic images and styles that resonates with viewers of all ages.


Claire Cassidy, the mastermind of @studioflos a queer multidisciplinary artist, illustrator, and maker of all things creative! Claire's art explores the limits of her medium through paper illustrations, paintings, digital and 3D work. Her pieces provide a playful peek into the everyday lives of women, celebrating ladies of all shapes, sizes, and colours.

Originally from London, Claire now calls Sydney, Australia her home. Her work is a blend of bold, bright colors and intricate details. Through her art, Claire provides a her own unique perspective on the world, showcasing the beauty of everyday life in a playful and lighthearted way.

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Meet Ady Neshoda, a visual artist who works in digital and printed media who will be showcasing her work at REBIRTH.

Her work is a captivating reflection of social issues, often with a feminist twist. Ady is often experimenting with typography and graphics to create unique and expressive pieces. She uses her art to make a powerful statement and provoke thought about important issues. 


Chance Purpose, an Australian sculptural artist, creates stunning works that celebrate imperfection by transforming broken and discarded items. His art explores themes of material value, physical damage, and impermanence, encouraging viewers to see the potential for growth and transformation in all things. By smashing readymade porcelain heirlooms and antique ceramics to build new works, Chance Purpose shows the transformative power of destruction and creation. His thought-provoking pieces are not only visually striking but also serve as a reminder that nothing in life is permanent, and everything is constantly in flux.

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Claudia's mixed media art is a sensory journey, combining expressionism with hard edges and organic looseness of paint. With a background in dance, singing, and acting, she has always found ways to express herself artistically. Inspired by sequin costumes worn on stage, her art often incorporates glitter and light reflective surfaces. Graduating from the Fashion Design Studio at the Sydney Institute of Technology, Claudia brings a unique perspective to her work. She considers her art practice a personal extension of her growth, continually driven by creation and freedom of expression.


Dilara is a talented painter from Castle Hill whose art explores ideas of consumerism, identity, and familiarity, often featuring objects and the occasional portrait. She finds joy in seeing images emerge from nothingness across the canvas and welcomes visitors to her studio to check out her work. Dilara has won The Young Archies in 2016 and The Mosman Youth Art Prize in 2018, among other achievements, and is a competition circuit regular.

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Madi Whyte is an artist from Gunditjmara Country in regional Victoria, whose work spans sculpture and photography. Their pieces draw on the surrounding landscapes, metalworking techniques, and contemporary culture, using lines, cuts, folds, and muted aesthetics to create a unique visual language. Whyte's photographs capture dystopian architecture, while their sculptures explore minimalist forms and elevate everyday objects to speak to industrial intervention, labor, and force. Whyte's work has been featured at various galleries and festivals, including The Other Art Fair, Melbourne, Hamilton Gallery, and Swell Sculpture Festival, Queensland.


Renee Broders is a Melbourne-based artist who blends childhood memories, pop art, surrealism, and Old Masters' styles into her work. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, she began creating collaged portraits on her iPhone, which served as inspiration for her oil paintings. Broders draws inspiration from contemporary female artists, such as Loribelle Spirovski, Barbara Hanrahan, and Lynn Savery, as well as historical artistic movements. With her recent success in the Portia Geach Memorial Award and the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize, Broders' career is on an upward trajectory.


Rebecca is a self-taught artist and practicing lawyer based in Sydney, Australia. Her works have been showcased in numerous art prizes and exhibitions, including The Other Art Fair and the Affordable Art Fair. She is currently represented by Return on Art in Vienna, Austria, and Sketch Co Gallery in Sydney. Rebecca has won several awards, including the Local Artist Prize in the Georges River Art Prize and the People's Choice Award in the Law Society "Just Art Competition". She has also held solo shows at Hurstville Museum & Gallery and Disorder Gallery.


Sean Alves is a video installation artist and photographer from Sydney, Australia. Drawing on the complexities of human memory, Sean’s deeply personal installations explore the themes of nostalgia and memory loss through a lens of empathy and sensitivity.


Through his art, Sean invites us to explore the fragility of memory and the powerful emotions that are evoked by nostalgia and memory loss.


Kasia Frankowicz is a Sydney-based pop artist and the founder of REBIRTH. Her work is influenced by street art, pop culture, and politics, reflecting her personal experiences with religion and LGBTQI issues. As a queer, intersectional feminist, Kasia is committed to self-expression and creative thinking, using her art to challenge assumptions and encourage critical thinking. Her ultimate goal is to make the world a more inclusive and loving place. Kasia has exhibited her work in various galleries and exhibitions and is an active participant in the local queer art scene. Additionally, she is a passionate advocate for social justice, equality, and animal rights.

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