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    Spraypaint, acrylic, oil pastels, ink on canvas
    120cm x 90cm


    "Still Not Asking for It" is an artwork that explores the complexities of sexual identity and the importance of sexual freedom. Through a series of powerful and evocative images, delving into the often-taboo topic of sexual expression encourages viewers to confront their biases and beliefs about sex.

    This is a sex-positive artwork that celebrates the diversity of human sexuality and challenges the harmful cultural norms that often restrict and stigmatise sexual expression. In this piece, I invite viewers to consider how society has conditioned them to think about sex and encourages them to embrace their desires and identities.

    Through its bold and unabashed approach, "Still Not Asking for It" invites us to explore the complexities of sexual identity and to embrace the power and freedom that comes with being true to ourselves.


    Part of my Bathroom stall series:

    You’ll find the most honest type of vandalism in a bathroom stall. A private-public space, allowing people to share their thoughts, feelings - their confessions. With their heart on their sleeve and their undies at their ankles, they add to a chorus of scribbles immortalised on walls that can finally talk.