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    Spraypaint, acrylic, oil pastels, ink on canvas
    95cm x 95cm


    A collaboration with pixel painting artist Cameron Forsyth 


    "When he first showed me what he painted my immediate thought was to childhood, then I started
    thinking about how I was always obsessed with Peter Pan as a kid, and how I kinda still think I am 21 in my head.

    That’s why in this piece you will find scribbles about staying forever young, never growing up, and an air of raw playfulness.

    Some people might think I’m trying to capture my youth, but the thing is, I never lost it to begin with.


    Part of my Bathroom stall series:

    In a bathroom stall you’ll find the most honest type of vandalism. A private public space, allowing for people to share their thoughts, feelings - their confessions. With their heart on their sleeve and their undies at their ankles, they add to a chorus of scribbles, immortalised on walls that can finally talk.