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    Mixed media on canvas with Tasmanian Oak Frame

    90cm x 90cm


    "Original Sinner", is an artwork that explores the themes of feminism, sin, and womanhood. The centrepiece of the piece is a statue of a woman with a snake wrapped around her. This snake represents the sin that has long been associated with women, particularly in regard to their sexual desires and actions. However, the woman is shown breaking free from this sin, symbolizing her strength and determination to be seen as more than just a vessel for reproduction. The open womb with flowers emerging is a symbol of rebirth and growth, representing the potential for new beginnings and the importance of womanhood beyond just motherhood.


    The digital artwork of clouds in the background represents the opportunities and growth available in the modern age, inviting us to consider the possibilities for women in today's society. "Original Sinner" challenges us to question what it means to be a woman and to consider the sins that have been placed upon women throughout history. It invites us to reflect on the societal expectations placed on women and to consider whether or not these expectations are fair or necessary.