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    Mixed media on canvas, Australian oak frame.



    "Adore" is an intricate and captivating artwork that tells the classic tale of Cupid and Psyche, the iconic symbols of love and beauty. However, this piece goes beyond just their romance and explores the many different facets of love that we all experience in our lives. From the heartache of unrequited love, to the unconditional love we feel for our family, to the deep and true love that can transform our lives, "Adore" captures it all in stunning detail. Through the use of vivid colours and intricate compositions, the artist has created a truly breathtaking masterpiece that celebrates the power of love in all its forms.


    Bathroom Stall Series

    In a bathroom stall you’ll find the most honest type of vandalism. A private public space, allowing for people to share their thoughts, feelings - their confessions. With their heart on their sleeve and their undies at their ankles, they add to a chorus of scribbles, immortalised on walls that can finally talk.

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